Art For The Animals...
from the Children.


ART FOR THE ANIMALS is dedicated to increasing awareness
of the treatment of animals through artistic expression and education

Working in partnership with the
Humane Society of Greater Miami
( a 501c3 non-profit organization)
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ART from the Children
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Miami Herald 'Neighbors' article
by Anamirella Marquez - with pictures

AFTA - Who We Are:
Artists and animal lovers who are taking action
to increase awareness of our human responsibilities (and the rewards)
of respectful and compassionate treatment of our companion animals and wild creatures everywhere.

What We Are Doing:
Our first project will bring together professional artist/teachers
with groups of children for day-long workshops which will focus
on creating individual works of ‘animal’ art. Each child will create their own artistic interpretation
of the ‘feelings’ of a cat or dog when it is abandoned - or when it is loved;
when it is neglected or abused - or when it is protected and cared for.
The culmination of the project will result in a group Art Exhibition
with Awards Certificates for all participants. The Exhibition will be located in
the Humane Society of Greater Miami’s new building on
North Miami Beach during the month of
September 2005.

How You Can Help:There are many ways you can participate.
You can help with fundraising, hosting informative gatherings,
making calls, distributing literature, gathering materials...
You can donate money. You can donate art materials for the children,
printing and mailing services, banners, advertising, publicity...the possibilities are wide open.
We are flexible and very open to creative ideas!
The more people that become involved, the more children and adults we will reach.
We hope you will join us in this exciting and creative project
to create ‘Art For The Animals’ and eventually ... .
a better life for all animals and humans ;-)

For more information call Adriana Tio 305-389-7460

or email us at:

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